Step by step instructions to Type Degree Symbol on Mac Pages, Numbers, Email or any App

Composing ° Degree Symbol in Mac is simple. You can utilize one of the techniques referenced beneath

Technique 1

Press Option+Shift+8 and you are finished

Strategy 2

Use alternate route key Option+K

Questions identified with Method 1 and 2 : You should think why Degree Symbol in Method 1 is enormous and Method 2 gives little yield. On the off chance that I type both together you will acknowledge ° ˚. I do not have any thought why it is that way, however it could be for kelvin, Fahrenheit or Celsius use. How do you type degrees Celsius on a mac? On the off chance that you type Degree from Symbol choice as appeared in Method 3, it will be in the size when you use Option+Shift+8. So this one is by all accounts the ideal one Note : Alt+0 makes º that is utilized as the degree by numerous clients, it is really manly ordinal pointer. So do not get befuddled between Ordinal Indicator and Degree Symbol. Alt+0 makes the superscript of Zero 0.


Technique 3

While Document or File is open, keep cursor where you need Degree Symbol, and pursue these means

  • click on Edit in Menu Bar.
  • Click on Emojis and Symbols alternate way key : Control+Command+Space
  • Type Degree in Search Box, and Select it
  • Method 4
  • You can set the alternate route for simple access. It tends to be done from System Preferences – > Keyboard – > Text. Tap on Plus Sign, and set any word, key or number that will be naturally supplanted with Degree Symbol. For instance, you can set 0 to be supplanted with ° naturally.


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