Be acquainted with the Emergence Of Social Work

Social work is about helping disadvantaged communities, Families, groups, and individuals, this aid is offered to the people by making such conditions which boost the social function, and put a stop on breakdowns. Social work is in fact a profession where social workers help disadvantaged people to embrace the values and standards of their society by reshaping or changing the salient features of the social network. It emerged as a profession due to the first efforts of philanthropic groups, and churches to eliminate poverty, to give religious comforts to the poor, encourage self-control, improve market, to look after children, and elderly ones, and also to correct the offenders. Because of the emergence of the profession, many orphanages and home for older people were created, whose purpose was to ease out or provide comfort to the disadvantaged.

Aid is offered to the deserving families, groups, and people so as to reestablish their own lives for themselves and also for community in this charitable profession. Group of individuals or people involved In this profession are expected to assist people by reshaping or changing the social conditions of individuals and for this, they develop a technical training. The training not only enriches the social proficiency, but also guides the employees to help people in adjusting the badly affected social and economic life due to family conflicts, personal struggles, social disorganization, sickness, and poverty. Employees not only invent the social welfare plans, but also run several preventative applications based on the need of hour.

Emergence Of Social Work

Currently, social work is conducted With three approaches, which can be:

  • Case Work
  • Group Work
  • Community Organization

In the event work method, a particular individual is assisted, who’s needy, physically, or mentally unfit, or is socially disabled. Socially handicapped are those that are homeless, jobless, alcohol addict, drug addicted, or suffering from broken family. Social workers first understand the psychology and sociology of the people, and then receive their issues diagnosed with the support of physicians, or psychiatrists and supply the solution accordingly.

Group work method is represented by Social settlements, gymnasiums, playgrounds, and classrooms where handicrafts are educated. The handicapped members of community are often called at these areas for conducting some productive activities. For this purpose, dr ganesh ramalingam services and help of volunteers are availed for conducting poverty jobs for disadvantaged folks.

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